Voyage En AnGleTerRe MyLènE LeNaïc CaMiLle

13 avril 2006

The presentation

drapeau1Hello, we are french student to come from france and we have make a trip in England. We would to show the monuments that we have visited.

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Public School

dscn1854We have a guided tour of a PUBLIC SCHOOL which is one of the first
private schools of England. It remains very expansive but some profit
of purse.


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Great Hall and Sire Arthur

We could observe the vestiges of the castle of king Arthur. And the
round table which was suspended on the wall.


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dscn18851We visited this very strange place composed of menhir in circle. The
experts didn't succeed in determining the origin and the utility of this
site. For our part we have some supositions: a solar calendar, a site
of sacrifice or a track of landing for extraterrestrial.


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We left to foot the point appointment to go to visit the cathedral of
Wells. A person us with fact a very detailed visit and explained very

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kif_0249In Bath we could see the vestiges of the Roman Baths which was in very
good state. At the interior one could observe the hot source.
Many vestiges could be saved and thus exposed to the public.


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Wales by Severn Bridge

First of all we made a visit of the WELSH FOCK MUSEUM which is a
reconstitution showing the way of life of the Welsh peasants lasting
these last centuries.


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Big Pit

big_pit_largeIt is a mine and we could visit it. We are descended 80 meters
under ground. It was very impressive.

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Covent Garden / London

london_20oopsie_20mamushka_20quartet_20at_20covent_20garden1p1One was all very magic to be able to spend this short day to London.
One had many free times which enabled us to infiltrate in the London

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The end ..

Our separation with the families was rather hard but we have a good
memory of this voyage a good environment General.pride_of_dover

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